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  • Lacrosse Brawl! (Video)

    Lacrosse Brawl! (Video)

    Lacrosse is an interesting sport. It was invented by Native Americans, which is pretty cool, but it kind of feels a lot like hockey with weird sticks and no ice. There’s almost as much padding, probably as much checking, and definitely as much fighting—and that includes your standard one-on-one fights, plus your garden variety line […]

  • The 15 Hottest Pro Lacrosse Cheerleaders

    The 15 Hottest Pro Lacrosse Cheerleaders

    If you’re a big sports fan, you probably knew that there was a professional lacrosse league. But did you know that there are two professional lacrosse leagues (the NLL and the MLL)? And that both of them have cheerleaders? Well, they do. And while these cheerleading squads aren’t nearly as hot as the squads you’ll […]