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  • Puppy Stole My Sled (GIF)

    Puppy Stole My Sled (GIF)

    This has to be without a doubt the cutest GIF ever created. Those who say little dogs are the biggest pests couldn’t be more correct, but they are also some of the funniest, most adorable creatures on the planet.  As a case in point, we give you this puppy who proves that size doesn’t matter […]

  • Picture Of The Day: A Wink And A Wave

    Picture Of The Day: A Wink And A Wave

    I really do feel like we need more sports with dogs involved.  We have all of these other sports involving bulls, horses and even bears, but where are all the canines?  Isn’t a dog supposed to be man’s best friend?  Well if they are, then perhaps we should allow them to become more involved in […]