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  • Shaq Attacks Robin Lopez

    Shaq Attacks Robin Lopez

    Total Pro Sports -  This Video was sent to us this morning by TPS reader “Dizzle”.  It was taken at the Toronto Raptors game yesterday, who were hosting the Phoenix Suns. It seems that during the pregame introductions Shaquille O’neal got a little excited and knocked rookie Robin Lopez down. I guess Shaq doesn’t realize […]

  • 2009 NFL Draft: Top Running Backs

    2009 NFL Draft: Top Running Backs

    Total Pro Sports – In today’s NFL offenses, quarterbacks, blue-chip left tackles, and top-flight receivers seem to devour all of the “quan” (from the movie Jerry McGuire—look it up), leaving little left to feed the rest of the pride. The workhorses and bricklayers of championships may receive a lion’s share of the headlines, in some […]

  • Shaq spits fire

    Shaq spits fire

    In response to a recent posting on this site, I want to give my opinion on Shaqs rap about Kobe Bryant. In true Hip Hop fashion the Big Diesel ripped into the reigning league MVP in a humorous and entertaining fashion. I loved every second of Shaqs rap; I hope he records it one day. […]