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  • Picture Of The Day: Soccer Not Allowed

    Picture Of The Day: Soccer Not Allowed

    I’ve heard of Americans hating soccer and being totally bored with the World Cup but this is kind of ridiculous. I know most USA soccer fans would love to send an arrow in the direction of this guy, but taking out a whole team is a bit much. Some coaches that pick their nose and […]

  • Super Fan or Super Creepy?  (GIF)

    Super Fan or Super Creepy? (GIF)

    The title for the World Cup’s hottest fan is still up for grabs (tough call between Paraguay’s Larissa Riquelme and Argentina’s Dorismar).  As for the scariest fan, I think we have a winner! Perhaps the only thing scarier than the speed and skill of Ghana’s star striker, Asamoah Gyan, is this hardcore supporter of the […]

  • Blonde Flashes Camera To Help Cheer Up Italians (Video)

    Blonde Flashes Camera To Help Cheer Up Italians (Video)

    Italians were dealt a devastating blow last week when their international soccer team was bounced from the 2010 FIFA World Cup after a heartbreaking 3-2 loss to Slovakia in their final match of the group stage.  The loss left many of the country’s die-hard soccer fans in mourning, but there was one special blonde that […]



    The only time a soccer player should make a face like this is when they’re walking toward the jet engine of their private G5.  Or in Iker Casillas’ case, right after making two important goal line saves in a nil-nil knockout game at the FIFA World Cup.  Close call, but those two saves would increase […]

  • Dorismar is Argentina’s Hottest Soccer Fan (Pics + Video)

    Dorismar is Argentina’s Hottest Soccer Fan (Pics + Video)

    Now that the United States has been eliminated from the World Cup, I can spend the final few rounds really focusing on my true love of the World Cup – the hot fans that some of these countries tit, I mean tout. I’ve already shown you 33 hot asians with World Cup jerseys painted on […]

  • Vuvuzela vs. Dog (Video)

    Vuvuzela vs. Dog (Video)

    I’m not sure if I should write a post on this or call PETA. This dog owner maliciously plays a vuvuzela to purposely get a rise out of their terrified, and very pissed off, dog. Animal cruelty, dick-head owners, or both? In case you’ve been living under a rock, a vuvuzela is that obnoxious horn […]

  • That’s One Angry Fan (GIF)

    That’s One Angry Fan (GIF)

    It is anyone’s guess who this angry fan was cheering for, or against.  Perhaps her heart lies with Mexico, who were the victims of a missed offside which led to Argentina’s opening goal in a 3-0 route.  Or maybe she is one of the many English supporters who are still feeling robbed after Frank Lampard’s […]

  • Picture Of The Day: Special Goal For A Special Boy

    Picture Of The Day: Special Goal For A Special Boy

    “Derp, derp, derp, I scored another one!” Sure, Gonzalo Higuain may look like he is playing soccer in the Special Olympics here, but the only thing special about this pic is the goal that the Argentinian striker would score after dancing around Mexican goalkeeper Oscar Perez.  Equally special was the work of the cameraman during […]

  • Luis Suarez’s “Leap Of Faith” Goal Celebration (Video)

    Luis Suarez’s “Leap Of Faith” Goal Celebration (Video)

    When it comes to goal celebrations at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, this weekend was not a friendly one for cameramen.  While most have been talking about Gabriel Heinze’s reaction to a rather painful close-up following Argentina’s second goal during Sunday’s round of 16 match against Mexico, Luis Suarez’s “leap of faith” celebration […]

  • This Has To Be The Sexiest Soccer Game Ever!

    This Has To Be The Sexiest Soccer Game Ever!

    Ten scantily clad bombshells, one muddy pitch, and one soccer ball.  Those were all the ingredients required to create what should be considered one of the most entertaining soccer matches ever! It is not the skill that makes this battle between blondes and brunettes great, unless of course you consider looking that good to be […]

  • Argentina’s Gabriel Heinze Slaps Cameraman (GIF)

    Argentina’s Gabriel Heinze Slaps Cameraman (GIF)

    Professional athletes are understandably annoyed by intrusive cameramen and reporters and it doesn’t get much more intrusive than being smacked in the face with a camera. Like Dennis Rodman before him, Argentina’s Gabrel Heinze attacked a cameraman, but as you can see it was warranted this time. Luckily Argentina won and can go on to […]

  • Picture Of The Day – Patriotism

    Picture Of The Day – Patriotism

    Want to know what it takes to be a true patriot? Find a “Where’s Waldo?” body suit, one that covers you entirely like the Green Man costume from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, (poke some holes in it so you can see, but screw breathing). To top it all off, drape an enormous American flag […]

  • England Got Trolled

    England Got Trolled

    FIFA: Players, coaches and referees all make mistakes. It’s part of the game. It’s what I would call the “first match”. What you see after the fact on video simply doesn’t come into it; that’s the “second match”, if you like. Video evidence is useful for disciplinary sanctions, but that’s all. As we’ve always emphasised […]

  • What’s The Score Officer?

    What’s The Score Officer?

    With many of the world’s leading politicians set to touch down in Toronto this week for the G20 Summit, police in the downtown area were out on their horses looking for any suspicious activity.  But that wasn’t all they were looking out for.  Not even the task of maintaining a safe and secure area for […]