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  • 11 Most Dangerous Sports

    11 Most Dangerous Sports

    UPDATE: Danger is all around us, from when we wake up in the morning and get into our cars to when we go to sleep without making sure the bedroom ceiling fan is tightly secured. So there’s no shortage of danger, and no shortage of dangerous sports, so a couple of bonus, more obscure dangerous […]

  • 15 Bizarre Off-Field Baseball Injuries

    15 Bizarre Off-Field Baseball Injuries

    Over the course of a 162-game MLB season, the daily grind—playing 6 days a week, summer heat, red-eye flights—is going to take its toll on every player. Injuries are going to mount as guys strain obliques, tweak hamstrings, dislocate shoulders, and pull groins. There’s just no way around it. Then again, it’s not always day-to-day […]

  • 20 Gruesome Sports Injuries (Pics)

    20 Gruesome Sports Injuries (Pics)

    We have previously given you some of the most gruesome sports injuries, from Oupa Ngubule horrific broken leg to an MMA fighter snapping his leg in half during a fight. Here are 20 more that should spook you during this frightening time of year