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  • 9 Gayest-Sounding NBA Team Names

    9 Gayest-Sounding NBA Team Names

    There’s only 32 teams in the NBA, and practically a third of them conjure up some sort of homoerotic undertones or phallic imagery. Why is that? With other sports, it’s still uncannily high (like 20%), but the NBA really seems to go the extra mile. I’m not going to speculate as to why. That’s for […]

  • The New Twin Towers!

    The New Twin Towers!

    With the recent addition of Jermain O’Neal by the Toronto Raptors, Bryan Colangelo is hoping that he has just built the second edition of “The Twin Towers”.  The “New Twin Towers”, featuring All Star Chris Bosh and former All Star Jermain O’Neal.  If you don’t remember who the original twin towers were, your not a basketball fan.  These two players absolutely […]