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  • Elizabeth Lambert Is Looking For A Date (Video)

    Elizabeth Lambert Is Looking For A Date (Video)

    After being labeled “psycho bitch” and “butch”, among the many other names that New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert has received in recent weeks following her on-the-field antics in a game against BYU, it may not be surprising to hear that she has experienced some trouble finding a male companion in her life. Now that […]

  • MMA Confuses Alexander Ovechkin

    MMA Confuses Alexander Ovechkin

    Total Pro Sports-  The Washington Capitals love Mixed Martial Arts, and really who doesn’t? On Saturday night there was an MMA card held at George Mason University, and many prominent Washington sports stars took in the event.  Alexander Ovechkin was there along with teammates Donald Brashear, Mike Green and Nicklas Backstrom. Also, Washington Redskins tight […]

  • Steven Crosby Who?

    Steven Crosby Who?

    Detroit Red Wings PA Announcer “Budd Lynch” made a little error in Game 1 on Saturday in Detroit. He announced the opening faceoff between Sidney Crosby and Niklas Lidtstrom as “Pitsburgh Penguins Steven Crosby”. I was wathcing it on T.V. and thought there was an error in the name but never thought twice as how […]