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  • College Football: Free Picks, Week 4

    College Football: Free Picks, Week 4

    Brought to you by BetUs.com This is the first week for my college football picks, so lets get started out on the right foot. I personally am more of a feel for the game guy rather than interpreter of the stats, I feel that numbers are a little deceiving in the college game.  Week 4 […]

  • To all Italy Fans and gamblers!

    I got into this argument yesterday with a degenerate buddie so I decided it was a great post and life lesson for all gamblers out there. We wont name names here but well call this person “Don Carbs”. I called up “Don Carbs” last night to see what was going on and if he had […]

  • Lakers/Celtics series dropped from Casinos

    Sportsline – Don’t Bet on it! Harrahs Entertainment has dropped all there betting lines from the Lakers/Boston series, becuase Gary Loveman bought 2.4% share in the Boston Celitcs last year. Under NBA rules, Harrahs is barred from accepting wagers becasue there is a conflict of interest. This means that 13 properties in Nevada alone will […]

  • Pick of the day, June 4th

    Last nights pick ended our hot streak, I guess we gave Brad Penny to much credit for what he did in the past. We will give credit to Jeff Francis “The Canadian Boy” for pitching a gem on the road. He reminded me of the pitcher he was last year. Hopefully, when the Rockies fianlly […]

  • Pick of the day, June 2nd

    Ok so were back on track evening our overall record to 2-2 for the year. Realistcally our record should be 4-0 but thats gambling for you. Todays pick were taking the Anaheim Angels (-130). The pitching matchup – Angels Santana (7-2, 3.09) vs Mariners Washburn (2-6, 6.54). Yes thats right were taking a visiting favorite, […]

  • Pick of the day, May 31st

    Ok so were back on track with our Indians pick last night, it was a close one. The Indians were down 4-1 going into the 5th and it looked like we were going to go 0-3. Luck was on our side this time and we came out with a win. Nothing really knocked us off […]

  • May 30th, Picks of the day

    Lets get back on track here, were off to an 0-2 start where we lost both games in the top half of the 9th inning. We took a couple days off just to get back on track and wipe away all the negative karma. Tonights play were calling a value play, were taking this game […]