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  • Check Out Tim Brent’s Awkward Premature Celebration (Video)

    Check Out Tim Brent’s Awkward Premature Celebration (Video)

    There are actually two great parts about this clip. The first is Tim Brent’s celebration following what he believed to be a goal during last night’s game against the St. Louis Blues.  After hitting the post on a breakaway, the Hurricanes’ center was eager to celebrate what he thought was a goal, but this wasn’t […]

  • Waffle Night In Canada (GIF)

    Waffle Night In Canada (GIF)

    The Toronto Maple Leafs can’t seem to escape those dreaded Eggo Waffles.  A few weeks ago it was their own fans pelting them with the breakfast treat following a lackluster 4-1 loss in front of their hometown crowd.  And last night the Eggos reappeared thanks to the Vancouver Canucks’ Green Guys, who could be seen […]