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  • Chris Bosh Wants Out Of Toronto?

    Chris Bosh Wants Out Of Toronto?

    Total Pro Sports – Although the report has been denied by both Chris Bosh and Brian Colangelo it seems rather clear to Torontonians that it is inevitable. First Damon Stoudemire, then Marcus Camby, followed by Tracy McGrady, we will never forgive Vince Carter’s betrayal and now it is happening again. What has management done wrong? […]

  • Andrea Bargnani Adapting Well

    Andrea Bargnani Adapting Well

    Total Pro Sports – In the past couple of years Andrea Bargnani was one of the most inconsistent players on the Toronto Raptors roster. This was probably due to the fact that he didn’t get enough playing time and he didn’t get along with ex Coach Sam Mitchell and his coaching system. With a new […]

  • Chris Bosh Disses Yi Jianlian

    Chris Bosh Disses Yi Jianlian

    Total Pro Sports -  Chris Bosh is one of the best players is the NBA, so why does he feel the need to publicly lobby to make the All-Star team? Its simple, he is afraid of fan ballot stuffing.  It has happened in the past, players who are undeserving of selection find themselves on the […]

  • Shaq Attacks Robin Lopez

    Shaq Attacks Robin Lopez

    Total Pro Sports -  This Video was sent to us this morning by TPS reader “Dizzle”.  It was taken at the Toronto Raptors game yesterday, who were hosting the Phoenix Suns. It seems that during the pregame introductions Shaquille O’neal got a little excited and knocked rookie Robin Lopez down. I guess Shaq doesn’t realize […]

  • Rumor: Shawn Marion For Jermaine O’Neal?

    Rumor: Shawn Marion For Jermaine O’Neal?

    Total Pro Sports -Today Yahoo Sports is reporting that we may be very close to a trade that will see the Miami Heat send Shawn Marion to the Toronto Raptors for Jermain O’Neal. With the emergence of the Raptors forward Andrea Bargnani, Jermaine O’Neal is finding himself deeper on the Toronto Raptors bench.  It also […]

  • Andrea Bargnani For Josh Howard?

    Andrea Bargnani For Josh Howard?

    Total Pro Sports – Thanks to an inside source of the MLSE, the owners of the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Maple Leafs and the Air Canada Center.  They have confirmed reports that the Raptors have begun negotiations with the Dallas Mavericks. These negotiations have also been confirmed at Hoopsworld.com. The deal being reported would send Josh […]

  • Professional Athletes and Their Charities

    Professional Athletes and Their Charities

    Total Pro Sports – As an avid sports fan, I am pleased to learn about some of the charitable work that professional athletes contribute to their local communities.  As a Toronto native, it was refreshing to witness Chris Bosh of the NBA Raptors donate a hefty cheque worth $1 million towards establishing the Chris Bosh […]

  • Chris Bosh Amazing Circus Shot Video

    Chris Bosh Amazing Circus Shot Video

    Total Pro Sports – Take out the Salami and Cheese this game is over!!!  Raptor fans you must remember that famous line by Chuck Swirski.  Swirski definitely would have said his famous line if he was still broadcasting for the Toronto Raptors, especially after Chris Bosh’s unbelievable circus shot against the Orlando Magic this past […]

  • Are Raptors Fans Booing Chris Bosh Out Of Town?

    Are Raptors Fans Booing Chris Bosh Out Of Town?

    Total Pro Sports – You ask why the Toronto Raptors fan’s were booing Bosh when they lost to the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night 98-86, well, I’m going to tell you.  It all started on December 1st, when reporters interviewed Bosh after practice, he went on to say that he wanted to win MVP this year. […]

  • CP3 Steals the Record

    CP3 Steals the Record

    Total Pro Sports-  Last night superstar point guard Chris Paul, from the New Orleans Hornets, put his name in record books again.  He broke the record for consecutive games with at least one steal in 106 straight games.  The record was previously held by Alvin Robertson,  the former Toronto Raptor and San Antonio Spur. The former Demon Deacon […]

  • TPS Top Sports Stories (December 17th)

    TPS Top Sports Stories (December 17th)

    Total Pro Sports- Here are some of the days biggest sports stories from around the world: The Feres twins are back, even if you can’t read Portuguese check out the video. Will Chris Bosh of the Toronto Raptors be the best player to come from Dallas? First it was DeMarco Murray, now another Oklahoma Sooner […]

  • The Sun Is Bright But Not In Phoenix

    The Sun Is Bright But Not In Phoenix

    Total Pro Sports – First it was the Shawn Marion trade to the Miami Heat for Shaq, then it was not re-signing head coach Mike D’Antoni to a long term contract.  Now this past week the Phoenix Suns made an unexpected move that shocked the world trading away Boris Diaw and All World Defensive player […]

  • Chris “CB4″ Bosh….MVP Or Bust?

    Chris “CB4″ Bosh….MVP Or Bust?

    Total Pro Sports – Chris “CB4″ Bosh has recently revealed a secret to all Toronto sports fans after his last practice.  Manny cameras, notepads and video recorders were all waiting anxiously for this big announcement.  What was CB4 gonna tell the world? Was he going to ask for a trade? Was he going to hang […]

  • NBA Fantasy 3 Stars: Week 1

    NBA Fantasy 3 Stars: Week 1

    Total Pro Sports – Even though this was a shortened week, we will publish our first week of NBA Fantasy 3 Stars. The first week in any sport is hard to determine who was the best performer. Players are trying to find where they left off last year, as a little rust is still visible […]