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  • The New Commercial for ‘Madden 15′ Is Awesomely Bizarre (Video)

    The New Commercial for ‘Madden 15′ Is Awesomely Bizarre (Video)

    In recent years, EA Sports has put out some pretty funny commercials to hype the release of Madden. Last year, for example, they ran several different spots telling the (fictional) origin stories of some of the NFL’s biggest rivals. And they were fantastic. However, this year EA Sports have really outdone themselves. Their new commercial […]

  • ‘Street Fighter’: Mike Tyson Edition (Video)

    ‘Street Fighter’: Mike Tyson Edition (Video)

    The internet is a hotbed of more and more mashup activity, and here’s a pretty inspired one. It combines Mike Tyson‘s boxing footage with audio effects from Street Fighter, creating in one’s mind a pretty sweet imaginary licensing deal between Mike Tyson and Street Fighter—or perhaps between Street Fighter and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!. The video syncs […]