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  • Creepy Cricket Fan Performs Voodoo On Baby (Video)

    Creepy Cricket Fan Performs Voodoo On Baby (Video)

    Exactly two weeks ago we claimed that the Bangladeshi man with the evil stare was the creepiest cricket fan ever.  Well it appears as though his reign was a short one as we were recently treated to the sight of this freak during the Cricket World Cup, who may not only be the creepiest cricket […]

  • Is Cristiano Ronaldo Cursed?

    Is Cristiano Ronaldo Cursed?

    Total Pro Sports – Cristiano Ronaldo has been a top soccer player for the last few years with his blistering speed and knack for the goal. Since leaving Manchester United and signing a gargantuan deal with Real Madrid, the Portuguese superstar has seen a string of bad luck. First Ronaldo crashed his gorgeous new Ferrari, […]