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  • Redneck Water Skiing (GIF)

    Redneck Water Skiing (GIF)

    Have you ever wanted to try water skiing, but couldn’t find a boat to tow you along the water?  What if I told you that you didn’t need a boat to enjoy a day of water skiing.  What you will need, however, is a giant excavator and a pond full of mud water. In that […]

  • Screw Your Wave Runner (GIF)

    Screw Your Wave Runner (GIF)

    We here at TPS are always looking for ways to make any sport even better.  No athletic activity is off limits.  Every sport can be improved upon in some way.  Even water skiing! Sure, you would think that it can’t get much better than gliding through the crystal clear water on a beautiful summer day […]

  • Redneck Mudhole Water Skiing (Video)

    Redneck Mudhole Water Skiing (Video)

    Sometimes in our day-to-day life as Americans, we forget about the real America.  The hilariously backwards, ignorant, redneck America.  Now I’m not trying to badmouth my southern brethren, they are as American as apple pie.  And without them, we wouldn’t have great events like mudhole water skiing or monster truck rallies. I’m not sure this […]