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  • Lukas Podolski Pimp Slaps Michael Ballack

    Lukas Podolski Pimp Slaps Michael Ballack

    Total Pro Sports -  Sometimes a slap can be an effective way to get your message across and in this case it appears to have worked.  In a recent World Cup Qualifying match between Germany and Wales, German forward Lucas Podolski, slapped captain Michael Ballack in the face. The video is poor quality, but it […]

  • No Better Than Ronaldinho

    No Better Than Ronaldinho

    Total Pro Sports – The Brazilian soccer superstar has been one of my favorite players since his early years with Gremio. He began his international career in 1999, the 28 year old phenom still has multiple World Cups left and is a fixture on the Brazilian midfield. His skill can be compared to no other […]

  • Why only against the Azzurri?

    Why only against the Azzurri?

    Someone left this interesting comment on “Don’t Cry. It’s Euro Time!!” and I have some thoughts about it. I agree totally with this Italian soccer fan, I truly feel that ref’s have made some crazy calls against the Azzurri. I was watching the game against the Dutch the other day and couldn’t believe that Toni’s […]