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Ninos ZadoMy name is Ninos “Chico” Zado, I was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1984, and moved to Toronto about 12 years ago.  I attended Seneca College where I graduated from Civil Engineering.  At this time during my college days, I met the creator of Total Pro Sports.  With my knack for college sports he asked if I would be interested in writing about college sports at Total Pro Sports,  An offer I could not decline.

I mainly cover the College Football for Total Pro Sports, but you will see me writing/blogging on other sports from time to time.

I have been a sports fan for as long as I can remember, but only recently have I been going to sporting events.  Some memorable games that I have seen were the Stanley Cup Finals between the Oilers and Hurricanes, I was at game 1 and 7, both time road tripping it down from Toronto.  An experience I will never forget!  During the TSN pre-game 7, I was on T.V. the whole time, probably making a fool of myself cheering for the Oilers.  This was a bitter-sweet game as my favorite team ended up losing the game and the Stanley Cup.

The second most memorable game that I was a part of was the instant classic Fiesta Bowl between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Boise State Broncos.  By fluke we attended this game, as our 3 day road to Las Vegas for New Years and the Rose Bowl Game in California got postponed because of an unexpected Snow Storm.  Would you believe there was 10 feet of blowing snow on the highway we had to cross going from Amarillo, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Anyways our trip got postponed by 1 full day, keeping us in Scottsdale, Arizona for New Years.  Normally this would be something drastic for most people missing New Years in Vegas after driving for 4 full days.  This allowed us to attend one of the greatest College Football games and top 5 greatest all time sporting events in history.  If you haven’t seen the highlights of this game you better go check it out on You Tube, because words cannot describe what we witnessed that day in Glendale, Arizona.

Games that only most sport fans can only dream of attending, I have been lucky enough to do so.  I hope you enjoy my writings at TPS.

You can reach me at [email protected].

Fiesta Bowl Game – Oklahoma Sooners vs. Boise State Broncos

Fiesta Bowl GameSooners Broncos FootballFiesta Bowl

Stanley Cup Finals Game 7 –  Edmonton Oilers vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Hurricanes Game 7Carolina CupThe Stanley Cup