Used Ford for sale

Used Ford For SaleI think I speak for most raptors fans when I say that I have had enough of T. J. Ford.  I like T.J. as a player, I just don’t like him as a Raptor.  I feel that Jose Calderon is a much better player and teammate.  Calderon plays hard on both ends of the floor and most importantly keeps his mouth shut. 

Listening to some of the things said by Ford last season I could not help but be reminded of former Raptor and the only woman to ever play in the NBA Vince Carter.  When Carter was in Toronto he was a fan favorite, then his true colors showed and he wanted to leave the team.  In retrospect I’m happy that he left, because as he has proved in New Jersey he can’t win anything but a dunk contest. 

So Mr. Colangelo, please trade Ford before the situation gets worse and reward Calderon with the playing time he deserves.  There has been a lot of speculation in recent weeks that the Raptors are targeting Cory Maggette in a possible trade with the Clippers.  This would be a good trade for both teams as the Clippers need a point guard with Livingston still rehabbing from a devastating knee injury, and the Raptors need any player that can get to the free throw line.  Maggette has been tagged as a selfish player at times who looks to score every time he gets the ball in his hands, with all the unselfish players that are on the Raptors roster this seems like a good fit.  

Another possible scenario sees the Raptors sending Ford to Miami for the second overall pick.  This seems less likely to me as I would doubt that Miami would want to use the pick to get a one dimensional guard with a history of injury problems, when they have the chance of landing a franchise player like Beasley or Rose. 

A more likely trade possibility would be with the Knicks.  New coach Mike D’antoni loves players with Fords set of skills who can run the floor and shoot the three.  The only question I have is where T.J. would fit on a roster full of guards.  Maybe they are willing to give up Nate Robinson who would look good backing up Calderon.  Perhaps they are willing to trade away their sixth overall pick.  I don’t know what the Raptors have planned for Ford but one thing is for sure, he has got to go.  

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