Pick this Rose

Derrick RoseAs the NBA draft approaches it has become more and more clear to me that the Chicago Bulls should take Derrick Rose with the first overall pick. As we have seen in the last couple of seasons a solid point guard can change the dynamics of a team entirely. Thanks to what Chris Paul and Deron Williams have done with their teams it almost seems like taking a guard is the safest bet at this point.

Much has been made regarding the fact that Rose is from the Chicago area and that’s why the Bulls should select him. More importantly he is a tremendous player that could of led his team to the National Championship had it not been for a couple of botched free throws. If Memphis had won the game there would not be much of a discussion at all regarding who the Bulls should take.

Historically as far as the NBA is concerned smaller players such as guards tend to transition quicker into the pros as opposed to their larger counterparts. Michael Beasley should eventually become a solid player, but it seems big men tend to take a little longer then guards to develop, does the name Tyrus Thomas ring a bell.

Speaking of Thomas from a personal standpoint the drafting of Rose would seem to make a lot more sense because the Bulls already have a bunch of players who are all relatively the same size who could potentially be competing with Beasley for playing time. They include Drew Gooden 6-10, Tyrus Thomas 6-9, Luol Deng 6-9, Andreas Nocioni 6-8, and Thabo Sefolosha 6-7.

From a Fantasy perspective both players seem to have a lot of potential as they enter their rookie seasons. Rose has the speed and quickness that make guarding him a difficult task, while Beasley seems to be a double double machine. Either way look for these players in the middle rounds of fantasy drafts in seasonal formats, and in keeper leagues they should be early first rounder’s. However, when the NBA draft rolls around at the end of June you can expect to hear the name Derrick Rose to be called first.

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