The Big Three vs. Kobe

The Big Three!The NBA finals is upon us, and in a match up sure to give commissioner David Stern a boner it is the Lakers vs. Celtics. In a rematch of old rivals instead of Bird vs. Magic this series sees the big ticket go against the big baby, and I’m not talking about Glen Davis. I’m referring to Kobe Bryant, the leagues reigning MVP (should have been Chris Paul) and the leagues biggest baby. The Lakers have looked amazing during this year’s playoff run, but I would love for nothing more then to see them lose in the finals to Boston.

I hate seeing the same team and players win multiple championships, but more then that I can’t stand Kobe. On the other hand I think Garnett is way more deserving then Bryant because he seems like more of a team player and the only thing missing from his career is a championship ring. It would be nice to watch Kobe Bryant sulk on the bench and yell at his teammates while the Lakers lose the series; however the opposite also has a very good chance at happening.

In order for the Celtics to win someone has to call Ray Allen and tell him that he can start playing because they have made it to the finals. Along with Allen, if he shows up, Garnett and Pierce should give the Lakers a lot of trouble in the series. When looking at the rosters on paper both teams seem to have a lot of depth on their respective benches. One major factor to consider is that the Celtics have home court advantage which has proved to be important in the playoffs so far.

Kobe, I hope you prove once again that you can’t win a title without Shaq or with Pau Gasol.

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