Where have you gone Geno Malkin?

Evgeni MalkinWith the Stanley cup final just about done as Detroit has opened a 3-1 strangle hold on Pittsburgh most people are left wondering what the hell happened to Evgeni Malkin. After watching game four it was evident to me that much of Malkin’s problems stem from the fact that Detroit is simply shutting him down. A roster full of Norris and Selke trophy winners has proved to be too much for the Penguin’s young star, and also the team as whole.

The last time I checked in order to score goals you have to hit the net, something which the Pens have struggled with in this series. So far, Malkin has only hit the net 9 times, with a total of zero points. Against Philly he hit the net 13 times accumulating 5 points. As a team the Penguins have been out shot 134 to 88 by the wings in the series, which is a huge difference.

It’s too bad really, after such a great season where Malkin established himself as one the leagues top players that he and the rest of the Pens have been so ineffective against the Wings. I think this speaks less about the Penguins performance and more about the Red Wings. They have risen to the occasion and showed the NHL why they are the team that will eventually hoist the cup.

For the Fans of Pittsburgh don’t be sad, the Pens will have a good team for years to come. They might not have all the same players together in the future as that is the nature of the new NHL but they will have Crosby, and his presence alone will insure the team’s success in the future.

As for Geno Malkin he is still an excellent pick in seasonal fantasy pools as he continues to grow as one of the leagues best players.

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