Give zero to Agent zero

Gilbert ArenasThe Washington Wizards have been a franchise that has experienced many ups and downs over its short history. The Jordan experiment and the drafting of Kwame Brown standout as low points, in recent years the solid play of Gilbert Arenas has changed the franchise for the better. However, it seems now is the right time to cut ties with their star player and move on.

He is nothing more then a volume shooter who doesn’t make his teammates better. He will be an unrestricted free agent if he decides to opt out of his contract by June 30th, and I say let him walk. Why? You ask well just look at what happened this past season. He was hurt for a majority of the year, playing only 13 games and the team did just fine without him. Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison played spectacular together. Nick Young, Antonio Daniels and Deshawn Stevensen all appeared very capable of running the offense. Not to mention, Arenas is a point guard that averages 5 assists per game for his career. I’m sorry, that not good enough for a maximum money deal.

Arenas seems more content to shine his own star then to make his teammates better. Were talking about a guy who plays online poker in the locker room during halftime, what kind of leadership is that. I can just see him now, Coach, “Hey Gilbert what adjustments do you want to make in the third quarter” Arenas, “I’m going all in”. He seems like a player in the Iversonian mold, selfishly looking for his own shot, while acting like a goof at the same time. How many championships has Iverson won?

So Wizards pay Jamison, pay Butler, and pay Mason jr, but don’t make the mistake of giving money to Arenas and screwing your team for years to come.

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