Hockey Night In Canada a Retirement Home?

Hockey Night In CanadaNow I understand that the maple leafs are the highlight team of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, but does that mean that they have to run their broadcasting crew in the same way as the inept leafs have been running their team for so long? And in case you are wondering what i mean by this, its the persistence to continously keep on aging veterans who have clearly seen better days. now before some of you traditionalists fire off at me and tell me that i must be out of my mind for blasting some fo the great tv personalities in hockey history, consider this for a second: CBC has some several great younger broadcasters, color commentators and analysts but they still insist on sticking with Bob Cole and Don Cheery.

I know what you are thinking at this point. How can this guy insult the greatest voice to ever commentate a hockey game? Well my answer is that although his voice sounds great, a true hockey fan should be more concerned with hearing the real facts of what is happening on the ice rather than caring about what the guy sounds like. While he might have established his voice as one of the greatest, he has seen better days. When you repeatedly mistake an offside for a penealty, a penealty for a goal and a goal for an icing, maybe it should be time to hang up the mic. Many time you may also find him taking those long delays and preaching the obvious, like “they are battling hard to score the next goal (pause for about 8 seconds) both these teams out there”. I think we could do without some of those lines. I think the man has done great things but his time is over. Lets give some of the younger guys like chris cuthbert and jim houghson a shot. These are two guys capable of doing what Cole was once capable of doing.

As for Don Cheery, i think his time came to an end when he started claiming that Domi should be on the powerplay for the leafs. If that is ever the case for any team, then that team should probabely consider folding not only their NHL team, but also their AHL and ECHL teams as well as anything else associated with the organization (in the MLSE’s case i guess that would include the raptors and some condos). The man also seems to have a crush on Gary Roberts. While i admire the grit Roberts play with (although i would consider him over the boarderline dirty many times) how can you claim he and his 4 playoffs points should be out there on a 5 on 3 powerplay when you have players like crosby, malkin (although i think i might rather have domi out there over him right now), hossa, gonchar, sykora, whitney, malone and staal. Well Don thinks so and this is the hick attitude that has fans either loving him or hating him. He preaches grit and dump and chase hockey, but i thik the red wings are disproving all of that as he speaks, and they are also showing him that a team doesnt need to be 95% canadian to win in the playoffs. Sorry Don, while, but while the league has grown and changed, it doesnt look like you have. I think its time for a changing of the guard at the CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada. �

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