Somewhere Don Cherry is crying

Niklas LidstromCongratulations, to the Detroit Red Wings on winning the Stanley cup, and more importantly to Captain Niklas Lidstrom. You have won the Stanley cup and in doing so you have put to rest the old cliché that a European captain will never win one. For all those people who have long believed that a team needs to be stacked with Canadians in order to win, just look a Detroit’s roster and see how wrong you were. Not only has Lidstrom become the first European born and trained captain to win the cup, the Wings have also become the first team made of 50% Europeans to win it. This will no doubt change perceptions around the league in terms of how international players are viewed.

This win is especially sweet because it discredits one of the most annoying people in all of sports, Don Cherry. You know him, the loud mouth with the gigantic head, who wears the stupid suits. He is a dinosaur, the last of a dying racist breed, and he has been proved wrong yet again. I hope he hands in his resignation to CBC, because for years he has been downplaying the skills of European players. I can’t believe that some people actually like what he has to say because frankly, he is a moron.


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