Matt gets mangled

Matt HugesFor anyone who watched the UFC last night you must have noticed two things, my picks sucked and Matt Hughes got destroyed.  Prior the fight it was announced that Alves had not made the required weight of 170 pounds.  This gave Matt Hughes the option of not taking the fight, However, Hughes being a warrior decided that the fight should go on.  This was a very bad move on the part of the former champ, because as soon as the bell rang it seemed he was getting dominated.


Hughes was bloodied within seconds of the opening bell and never really recovered.  He tried to take Alves down on numerous occasions but the young fighter’s strength proved to be too much for the veteran.  Hughes barely made it out of the first round.  When the second round started he tried again to take down Alves and was met with a devastating knee to the face which split him open even further.  After he ate the knee Hughes fell on his back and was on the receiving end of a few more punches from Alves.  When the post fight replays were shown it was evident that Hughes had sustained some sort of major knee injury after he was kneed in the face.  I would not be surprised if he tore a ligament in his knee, because it looked really bad.  This fight could mark the end of one of the best fighters in UFC history; at least I hope it will be his last fight because he got destroyed.


On a lighter note, the only fight I was right about last night was between Michael Bisping and Jason Day.  Like I predicted, Bisping ended the fight in the first round. All Jason Day could do was turtle and wait for the ref to save him from brain damage.  Bisping has no doubt moved up in the light heavyweight rankings and will be inline for a title shot in the near future.


UFC 85 will be remembered as an entertaining card, but more importantly I think, it will be remembered as the last fight for Matt Hughes in the octagon.  


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