How I ruined Raul’s night

Raul IbanezIt was a normal day at the Rogers center yesterday. The Jays were playing the last place Mariners and there were less than 10,000 people in the stands. This did not deter me and a friend of mine form having a good time, watching those loveable losers known as the Toronto Blue Jays. Our night started out in the 100 level outfield, it was so hot and humid there I felt like I had a flood in my underwear. The section that we were in was full of annoying preteens, none of which paid much attention to the game or cared for my loud mouth antics. During the fourth inning my friend and I decided to move down to better seats. We spotted a couple on the third base line directly beside the wall, so we made the move.

Once we made our way down the game seemed a lot better, we had moved from the kiddy section to a relatively quiet, mature, viewing area. It was that way until the Jays went up to bat and Mr. Raul Ibanez, the left fielder, became the target of my many vocal barbs. You see I like to think of myself as someone who always takes the opportunity to use my voice and sarcastic comments to make live sporting events more enjoyable for the people around me. I have been practicing my whole life and I feel that only recently I have entered my prime. I must say that last night was perhaps the pinnacle of my entire career.

It was in the sixth inning when one of the Jays hit a pop fly to left field; it was the kind of fly ball that every major league outfielder should catch. Just as the ball was the flying through the air, Ibanez made an attempt to catch it, and I yelled “RAUL YOU FOOL” distracting him just enough that he dropped the ball. I’ am sure that my loud yell in what was once a quiet area of the ball park caused Ibanez to drop the ball. In fact, he was so close that if you were watching the game on T.V. you most likely saw me. I won’t take all the credit because Raul Ibanez is no gold glover, but last night I felt closer to the game than ever before.

I would like to encourage anyone who goes to live sporting events to always be as loud and as annoying as possible to the opposing players, because you never know when your time will come. Even though the Jays lost, which was not really a surprise, I felt like a winner as I left the park last night. To Raul Ibanez, next time keep your eyes on that ball, son.

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