Celtics will take control

Kevin GarnettTonight is game 4 of the NBA finals and it is make or break time for Lakers. If the Celtics win tonight, the series is done as they would have a choke hold on the Lakers, However, if the Lakers win it is a brand new series. I have a strong feeling that the Celtics will win tonight because they usually don’t lose back to back games. Also, Garnett and Piece had bad games and they should look to rebound well in game 4.

One wildcard in tonight’s game to watch out for is the health of Rajon Rondo. If he is hurting Doc Rivers has indicated that he will have to play the seldom used Tony Allen at the point position. If Rondo is out or limited in any way during the game it could be very bad news for a team with little depth at the point guard position. Other than Allen, the other guards on the roster are Eddie House and E.T. (Sam Cassell).

I really hope that the Lakers lose tonight because they haven’t played all that well. Aside from Kobe, the other big name players on the Lakers have soiled the bed lately. Specifically, the over hyped Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, last game they combined for a grand total of 13 points, which is garbage. If both of these guys play that bad again game four will easily go to the Celtics. The smart money tonight is on the Celtics, who will win and take control of the series.

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