Down 3 to 1 the Lakers are Done!

The biggest comeback in NBA playoff history happened tonight at the Staples Center in L.A., and I’m glad to say that the Celtics were on the winning end of it.  It seemed that the Lakers didn’t bother showing up for the third quarter and Boston took full advantage and eventually won the game even though they were down by 24 at one point.

After watching the game, one play that stood out in my mind happened during the last minute as Ray Allen was isolated against Sasha “The Machine” Vujacic.  It looked like “The Machine” forgot to go for an oil change before the game because he stalled badly when Allen drove past him and made a key field goal. 

I wish I could feel sorry for the Lakers as they are fighting for their playoff lives against the Celtics, but I don’t.  Kobe is getting what he deserves as he is being exposed a player who can’t get it done without another superstar at his side.  I always thought of Kobe as Robin and Shaq as Batman, now it seems all he has to help him is Batgirl (Gasol) and Catwoman (Odom), and that simply won’t get it done.  I think the Lakers might take the next game at home and the series should end in six games when the Celtics return to their home court. 

The Celtics showed a lot of grit and determination in the game tonight.  The most important quality that was evident in the game was their ability to work as team and fight through adversity, something the Lakers and specifically Kobe cannot do.     

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