To all Italy Fans and gamblers!

Don Carbs Crying After Italy ties RomaniaI got into this argument yesterday with a degenerate buddie so I decided it was a great post and life lesson for all gamblers out there. We wont name names here but well call this person “Don Carbs”.

I called up “Don Carbs” last night to see what was going on and if he had made his way to some crazy party I was also invited to go to. When he answered I heard no noise and it seemed to be very quiet! So I proceeded to ask where he was? It seemed to me as something happend or something was wrong, all he said was he didn’t want to talk.

I stopped took the phone off my ear and had to look at the name on the screen, “Don Carbs” it read, ok so I called the right person. I said are you upset Italy lost, he said “yes”. I proceeded to call him a donkey and a whole other bunch of names that I would rather keep off this post. All Don Carbs said “they had to win!” I knew from those words “Don Carbs” had placed a wager on Italy for some stupid reason. All I said was how much? the phone went silent! he never responded. Lets just say, I’ve known him for a while so just by that I know he lost what some people could use to put as a down payment on a car. I just don’t mean a Pontiac Sunfire, I mean a BMW 5 series!

I said to Don Carbs why would you bet Italy, when that’s your team? Haven’t you heard of the number 1 rule in sports betting? “NEVER BET YOU FAVORITE TEAM!” Again he responded like a true donkey degenerate, “But they had to win”. Sometimes it just doesn’t sink.

I really don’t know how many times I have to tell people this and how it doesn’t process in there heads, “NEVER BET YOU FAVORITE TEAM!”. How can you bet on a team you like? don’t you think they are always going to win? Remember a team never has to win, anything can happen in sports.

The morale of the story is “NEVER BET YOU FAVORITE TEAM!”. Just go watch the game and cheer for your team to win cause you like them not cause you have money on them. This will save all you degenerates out there some money! �

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