Javon jumped in Vegas

Javon WalkerA recent news report has indicated the Oakland Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker was found unconscious and badly beaten on a street somewhere in Las Vegas (Fox). Walker is said to have suffered a broken orbital bone and now is stable condition. It seems to me that Walker has had a rough time lately, on and off the field.

It started in Green Bay when he tore his ACL after a breakout year in 2004, where he totaled 1,382 yards and 12 td’s. After that year he decided to hold out of training camp for a bigger contract, much to the displeasure of then Packers quarterback Brett Favre. The Packers then traded Walker to the Denver Broncos. It was in Denver where he experienced many highs and lows. In 2006 Walker accumulated 1,084 yards and 8 touchdowns, pretty solid numbers. However, on New Years Eve 2006, Walker and other members of the Denver Broncos were victims of a drive by shooting. Darrent Williams a promising young cornerback was shot in the neck and died in the arms of Javon Walker in the back of a Hummer limousine. It seems like this incident should have changed Walkers perspective on clubs, I guess not.

In 2007, Walker had another off year stat wise only catching 26 passes for 287 yards and 0 touchdowns. These numbers were due in large part to re injuring his problematic knee. The history of injuries did not stop the Oakland Raiders from signing walker to a big money free agent contract after the Broncos released him. The deal is worth $55 million over a span of six year with a reported $16 million in guaranteed money.

It has been reported that Walker purchased somewhere around 15 bottles of Dom Champaign at Tryst nightclub in Las Vegas, he reportedly did not drink the bottles, instead he sprayed them on the crowd. I do not blame Walker for the events that led up to him being the victim of a severe beating, but I will question why he felt the need to spend the night in Vegas buying 15 bottles of Champaign. There are many other things that he could be doing with his off season time, like rehabbing his knee maybe? It seems to me that many NFL players have a hard time learning how to carry themselves in public and because of this they find themselves in all sorts of trouble, just ask Pac man Jones or Chris Henry. If there is one thing I can say for sure about Javon Walker, don’t pick him in your fantasy pool.

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