Why only against the Azzurri?

Why only the Azzurri?Someone left this interesting comment on “Don’t Cry. It’s Euro Time!!” and I have some thoughts about it.

I agree totally with this Italian soccer fan, I truly feel that ref’s have made some crazy calls against the Azzurri. I was watching the game against the Dutch the other day and couldn’t believe that Toni’s goal was called back because he was offside.

Sometimes I think to myself are these referee’s paid off, or are they just reacting to the play to soon. I really don’t know? I dont’t want to sound biased here, but, I am also an Italian soccer fan. I just don’t understand how missed calls consistantly go against them. I can understand once and a while, everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. But, every single game you can find 2-3 missed or blown calls.

One of the worst calls that I can remember was from the 2002 World Cup in Korea, when of course they were facing the Korean’s and Totti recieved a red card in the box. He was clearly taken down by the other deffender and if any call should have been made it should have been against the Korean player. But, of course the Italians can’t win this game because it’s being played in South Korea! Make sense now? Let’s just not make it so obvious.

Maybe they have to install replay’s in the game, it only makes sense I think. The MLB is now going to start. Why not everyone else?

On the eve of Italia’s final round robin game of the Euro tournament, I can’t help it sit here wondering how many calls the referee will incorrectly make against Italy tomorrow.

I am an avid soccer supporter, and I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to my country. I know that the Azzurri cannot win every game, and when they are outclassed on the field I am the first to clap my hands and applaud their opponents. I just can’t stand having games decided by calls that even amateur officials referring rep. soccer games can make. These referee’s are professionals, and I don’t have an ounce of sympathy for them when it comes to blowing calls in international tournaments. They are well compensated, they are well trained, and the game is fairly simple to officiate. If a player is behind the defense, he is offside, and if he is not, THEN PLAY ON!
In all sports referees have a significant impact on the game, and in most cases games can and have been decided by blown calls, but my question is, why oh why does it always happen to the Azzurri? How is a player hurt and laying behind the net, not even in the field of play, playing people onside? UEFA didn’t even know the proper ruling in that situation, oh wait a second, the referee didn’t allow him to go off the field so he is still in the play, COME ON! GIVE ME A BREAK! If anything he should be applauded for leaving the field on his own and allowing the play to continue.

Let us just hope and pray that tomorrow the better team wins, and all the Italian fans will not be left with their hearts on the ground and a taste of dirt in their mouths.

For all you Azzurri haters who say we are babies and are just finding excuses for losing, please watch the footage at link below; cause their is nothing stronger then video evidence.

Bad refereeing against Italy

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