You’re not Jordan! NBA Finals Game 6

Sitting in the TD Banknorth Garden last night with two of my friends, I realized that I had just witnessed a game most people could only dream about seeing. It didn’t matter to us that we paid $1,300 a ticket, $450 for a plane ride and $385 for a hotel room, for me, it was worth every penny. To anyone who has not had the chance to watch a team raise a championship trophy, I must say, it is truly something you will never forget. The Boston Celtics absolutely destroyed the Los Angeles Lakers by a total of 39 points making it the biggest win in NBA finals history.
One thing I will never forget are some of the chants the Boston fans came up with during the absolute massacre. They chirped and chirped the Lakers relentlessly. One chant that was emphatically yelled a bunch a times was “You’ve been Rondod”, which was rather unique. The best chant of the night also was the best chant I have ever heard, as the fans let Kobe know he has nothing on Jordan. The crowd just erupted and began chanting “You’re Not Jordan, You’re Not Jordan, You’re Not Jordan”, it was music to my ears. We got back to the hotel room after partying on the streets with the Celtics fans, turned on ESPN and watched the sports highlights for the night. We never really got to see or hear what was going on the floor after the Celtics big win, as there were way too many people on the court. When the Celtics highlights came on and Kevin Garnett was being interviewed by Michele Tafoya, everyone in the room realized how important a championship can be. A very emotional Garnett, in his own way let the world know what a championship really meant to him.

This display of emotions proves that sporting events are more than a show, and some players are there for more then the money. They are playing a game they love, trying to achieve greatness, and last night the Celtics were great. Many times players leave a legacy behind long after they retire, a legacy that survives not only in the stat books but also, in the minds and hearts of their fans. One day I will be able to tell my children I was there when the big man in green won it all and explained to the world that “Anything is possible.”

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