What a donkey play!

Poker DonkeyThe craziest thing happened the other night; we were at the office playing a $20 freeze out between a bunch of the guys after work. I ended up getting busted by “DanD” a fellow associate and blogger of Total Pro Sports. So I decided to deal for the guys to help the game go by faster. I ended up dealing a hand between “Ron Canada” (TPS Blogger) and our Vice President “RobG”. Ron was first to act and raised to 12 chips pre flop, RobG was in middle position and flat called, everyone else folded. The flop came Qc/9s/8c, Ron led the betting of 14 chips and RobG once again flat called. The turn card was an 8h, Ron for some reason bet less this time making a bet of 10 chips, RobG again flat called. The river paired the board bringing the 9h, Ron Canada now checked, RobG not knowing where he stood being really confused at how the betting went down also checked. Ron asked Rob “What do you have?” RobG said “look at what I called you with”, which was a pair of tens. Ron Canada glanced back at his cards and mucked saying “I thought I had a queen, you win”.

I grabbed Ron Canada’s cards and looked at them, King of Diamonds and the Jack of Diamonds. It quickly hit me that Ron flopped and straight and mucked his hand. I looked at Ron and said to him “You are an idiot”; he looked confused with that stupid smile and said “why?” “You had a straight Ron and you folded”, I said. I turned over the 5 community cards and showed him the evidence, he looked confused. He couldn’t believe that he folded, “So who wins” he said “RobG wins, you mucked your cards” I said. After this an outbreak of chirping and laughing took over the room and needless to say he was done playing for the night.

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