Why L.A. Why?

Mike CammalleriNow why in your right mind would you trade Mike Cammalleri? Hello, Dean Lombardi, I’m talking to you!! Cammalleri, who turned 26 last week, had 19 goals and 28 assists in 63 games last season.

His best season was 2006-07, when he had 31 goals and 46 assists in 81 games. Yes, that’s right, Dean traded a 26 year old, soon to be star, to the Flames for the 12th overall pick? Give me a %*&[email protected]# break. Are you a couple of cards short of a full deck Dean or what!

Stuff like this makes me sick. Yes, I’m a Kings fan, but still, how dumb are you. And to make things worse, they go and trade the 12th pick to Buffalo for the 13th pick and a 3rd round pick? Ahh, hello, Dean, are you there. Don’t you think, if Buffalo wants that pick that they would give alot more than just a third rounder and there 13th pick? I guess not Dean, you donk. Anyways, that’s all i got to say about that!

I’m extremely ticked, as you can tell, but I’mhappy for Mike cause he’s a great player and hes gonna make a mess with Jarome Iginla by his side. If he can stay healthy he can easily reach the 50 goal plateau, and possibly reach 100 points in Calgary.

All you fantasy players out there here’s a player you might want to draft earlier then normal in most drafts. Well call Mike our semi sleeperpick for the 08/09 season. Coming off an injury plagued season and playing with one of the worst teams in the NHL, Mike is do to have a great year with the Flames.

Go Mikey Go! Make the Kings eat it!

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