Shaq spits fire

In response to a recent posting on this site, I want to give my opinion on Shaqs rap about Kobe Bryant.

In true Hip Hop fashion the Big Diesel ripped into the reigning league MVP in a humorous and entertaining fashion. I loved every second of Shaqs rap; I hope he records it one day. Maybe, it should become the new entrance theme for the Boston Celtics at home games. I think that everything he said was true, especially that Kobe can’t win without him. I have always liked Shaq a lot more than Kobe because he was at one time a better player and will always be a better person. Shaq is everything Kobe is not, he is a good teammate, not a very good free throw shooter, but is funnier than Mrs. Bryant.

One of my favorite parts of the song was when Shaq ripped on Puffy. I liked this part because Puffy and Kobe are similar in their annoyingness. In fact, they are also similar in that they have made successful careers for each other by riding the coattails of bigger stars.

The unfortunate side to the story is that Shaq may have made a mistake by using less then appropriate language in the rap, but the Big Aristotle is still one of the most unique and entertaining personalities in all of sports. Kobe, on the other hand, is the little brother who always gets picked on and goes home crying when things don’t go his way.

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