Top 5 Overrated Fantasy Running Backs

Here is a look at the Running backs who will most likely under perform for your team if you draft them this season:

1. Rudi Johnson

Rudi has truly lost a step. After having to watch many Bengal’s games last season I was left wondering what happened to the man who once drove Cory Dillion out of town? I think it is a combination of too much wear and tear and a porous offensive line. Either way make sure Rudi is not on your team this up coming season.

2. Julius Jones

After a solid start to his NFL career Jones has never been able to break away and have a great fantasy season. The last couple years in Dallas he was given every opportunity to succeed, but he did nothing but live in the shadow of Marion Barber. He may put up some numbers with Seattle, but be careful and don’t draft him too early.

3. Reggie Bush

Since entering the league Bush hasn’t done anything that matches what he did in college. He is coming off a disappointing year and is yet to hit 1000 rushing yards as pro. He does however catch a lot of balls and in PPR league you might want to consider drafting him as your number 2 or 3. The more he plays the more he looks like a slot receiver and not an every down back.

4. Lendale White

Bush’s former backfield mate from USC has also had trouble transitioning to the next level. Most people attribute his lack of productivity to his weight related problems. If you are thinking of drafting White to be one of your starting running backs this year remember that the Titans drafted speedster Chris Johnson from East Carolina in the first round.

5. Laurence Maroney

Maroney is more of a victim of circumstance rather than a player not playing up to his potential. He seems to have the ability too succeed, however, the Patriots don’t pound the rock as much as most fantasy owners would like, as they opt to use more multi receiver sets. Maroney has a chance to have a good season in comparison to the other backs listed if the Pats run the ball more.

Honorable Mention: Thomas Jones, Justin Fargas, Edgerrin James

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