Mike Tyson at Pure!

Mike TysonTeam Total Pro Sports has been in Las Vegas for the past 2 weeks and we decided to go to Pure last night after a fantastic Sushi dinner at the infamous “Naked Fish”.  If anyone hasn’t gone there, it’s a must for sushi lovers.  As we were talking to the door man, “Booozey”, so we could bypass the line, a big man with a tattoo on his face came steaming through.  In that high pitched voice, “Coming through, coming through, move out of the way!” Mike Tyson said.

If you haven’t seen Mike in a while, he has gotten really big.  Nowhere near fighting shape, it looked as if he had 2 watermelons stuck on his ass.  But he still is Mike Tyson, once the best heavyweight fighter in the world and maybe ever.  But as everyone knows, he could still kick the [email protected]# out of anyone in his way.

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