Back off Brett!

Another day, another stupid rumor about Brett Favre returning to the NFL. I’m getting sick and tired of this ongoing is he or isn’t he, crap. Instead of coming out and having a press conference and admitting that all the rumors are untrue, he is standing around not doing anything but sending text messages to the Packers. I hate when athletes don’t stay retired, because most of the time it never really works out for them. Remember the Chris Carter comeback to the Miami Dolphins that was a disaster.

Another thing that gets me mad is when pro athletes stick around well past their expiree date, like Emmit Smith. In all sports when its time for you to retire, then you must go. This is especially true for football as it significantly reduces the quality of ones life. The sad fact is there have been only a couple good examples of players leaving the game when they are still on top.

One of the most famous ones was John Elway who after winning two Super bowls in a row, decided to call it quits. Recently, Jerome Bettis did the same after the Steelers won the big game. Perhaps, the most interesting case of retirement from pro football was by Barry Sanders. Sanders left the game with a shot to break the all-time rushing record, but he decided it was his time to go. He still had a lot left in the tank, but made his decision and stuck by it. There wasn’t any maybe he’s coming back talk because he is retired, unlike other players.

So Favre, spare you team/fans anymore embarrassment and announce that you are retired and that you don’t have any intention of returning. Anyways, wouldn’t you like to spend more time with your grandkids?

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