Top 5 Fantasy Tight Ends

Total Pro Sports picks for the Top 5 Fantasy Tight Ends for the upcoming 2008 season.

Are they receivers? Or are they just fast offensive linemen? I don’t know, but if you mange to get any of these guys on your next fantasy team, you will be in good shape.

1. Antonio Gates

The consensus best tight end in Fantasy football looks to add to his already stellar career by having another great season with the Chargers. He will have the added benefit of playing along side L.T. one of the games best runners. I still can’t believe that this guy didn’t play a single snap of college football and has the ablity to dominate the game.

2. Jason Witten

Many consider Witten to be the number 1 tight end in fantasy football this upcoming season. The only reason that I rank Gates higher is because the lack of a true number one receiver in his offense. We all know how T.O. feels about not getting the ball thrown his way. Witten should have another solid year in Dallas’ pass happy offense.

3. Kellen Winslow

K2 is finally living up to the hype that surrounded him coming out of college. His career started very shaky as he broke his leg his rookie year and then almost killed himself when he tried to be Evel Knievil on his motorcycle. All of that seems to be behind him and he looks to be monster in 08.

4. Dallas Clark

He may not get all the yards or hype of the previous three guys, but Clark sure has a nose for the end zone. Playing for the Colts you know he will have plenty of opportunities to score this season. Also, the departure of Ben Utect to the Bengal’s means Clark should get a lot more looks from Peyton this year.

5. Tony Gonzalez

Tony was once the man at this position in fantasy leagues, now things have changed. The two main reasons for his drop off are age and a lack of consistency at the quarterback position on his team. He did have an excellent season last year accumulating over 100 receptions, but this year the offense in K.C. will struggle under the leadership of Brody Croyle. Tony gets extra credit for saving a mans life in a restaurant the other day.

Honorable mention: Heath Miller, Chris Cooley, Todd Heap

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