Fantasy Football Draft tips

Fantasy Football

Use these Fantasy Football Draft tips to help build yourself a monster fantasy team.


1. Good players from good teams

This is one of my number one rules because it can be the difference between your team winning or losing this upcoming season. Focus on trying to get the best available players from the teams that you think have the best offense. By trying to avoid players on the teams with offenses that you think are not very good, you will be saving yourself some anxiety down the road. The Chicago Bears for example, have a crappy offense yet this year rookie running back will Matt Forte will be drafted high in most drafts because he is the so called “starter”. I say who cares because that does not change the fact that the Bears stink on offense, this is the type of situation you should try to avoid because he is an unproven player on a team with a bad offense.

2. Don’t follow the crowd

Let’s say that you have the seventh overall pick and there has been 6 RBs selected so far then a good idea would be take a QB. By taking a QB at this spot chances are you are getting an elite player as compared to an average RB. This is a trend that you could expect to see throughout the draft with different positions. This will help you land the best possible player instead of simply drafting for need.

3. Kickers and Defenses last

Each year there is so much turn over and changes that it hard to predict which kickers and defenses will have standout seasons. During most drafts there will be people who take kickers early because they had a good season the previous year. The same goes for defenses, so instead of using picks on them early wait to the later stages of the draft and use the other picks to stock up one the skill positions. This will give your team more depth and also a good chance to be a contender. The last time I checked kickers and defenses don’t win fantasy championships.

4. Beware of the running back by committee formula

This is a fantasy nightmare for owners who draft running back only to them split carries with another player. The only player who is part of a committee who I would love to have on my team is Maurice Jones-Drew. Even though he loses carries to Fred Taylor he has a superb ability and puts up numbers year after year. A player to watch out for this year is Willie Parker, all of a sudden he has found himself in a crowded back field with Illinois rookie Rashard Mendenhal and veteran Mewelde Moore. Other committee based teams to steer clear of are Denver, Houston, and the New York Giants.

5. Don’t draft players from your favorite teams

This is one of the hardest rules for many fantasy players to follow because many fans love their respective team’s players. It also kind of fits in with rule number 1, only select good players from good teams. If your team has a high octane offense, like the Pats or Colts, then this rule does not apply to you. Let’s say your favorite team is the Bills there is no reason for you to draft Trent Edwards, in fact the only player with any significant value from the Bills is Marshawn Lynch, sorry Lee Evans. Remember to pick with your head and not with your heart if you really want to win.

These simple Fantasy Football Draft tips are an easy way to increase your win rate in any fantasy football league.

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