Rampage Roadrage

I guess most of you have heard by now that former UFC champ Rampage Jackson had a run in with the police yesterday in California. It seems that Mr. Jackson got in a little traffic accident then decided to flee the scene. It is never a good idea to do this, just ask Marshawn Lynch.

Well it seems that the cops weren’t all that impressed with Rampage and decided to pull their guns out on him to force him out of his car. I wonder what he was thinking when this was happening; he was probably trying to figure out how he got himself in that mess in the first place. Perhaps he was thinking why they were being so hostile towards a celebrity like him? Maybe he was thinking about how he got screwed in his last fight against Forrest Griffin. Well, he was driving on the sidewalk and nearly running people over and he was also driving on one of his rims. I think it’s safe to say that he must have been under the influence of some sort of substance; if he wasn’t, then I guess his problems are even worse then I thought.

The best part about the whole situation from my perspective is the fact that Rampage has a life-size decal of himself on his truck. That is awesome, most of the time sport figures choose to keep a low profile, not Rampage. Imagine what it must be like to be walking down the street in sunny California, and a minute later be running for your life from a jacked-up truck with the image of a UFC fighter on it. I guess these are the types of decisions that are made by people who take punches and kicks to the head for a living.

Watch out people I just a saw an SUV with a picture of Mike Tyson on it speeding down the highway.

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