Anyone want to take my prop bet?

Gavin SmithWhile at the World Series Of Poker in Vegas this year, playing in event #49.  Fellow Canadian poker player “Gaving Smith” was making prop bets with one of the guys at my table.  One of the props they bet was; who would last the longest in the tournament getting 1-1 on their money for $1000?.  Well the guy at my table got knocked out first and he paid Gavin on the spot $1000 cash.

Online players Tom “Durr” Dwan bet Jeff Madsen bet on day 6 of the main event that he would not be able to knock down all the oversized beer bottles in one shot; call it “The human bowling ball!”

During at World Poker Tour Event this year Phil “The Unibomber” Laak bet Gavin Smith that he wouldn’t be able to stuff 15 marshmellows in his mouth at one time and then seal his lips.  Gavin was up for the challenge and stuffed those marshmellows in his mouth like a seasoned pro.  Jennifer Tilly, Mark Newhouse, and Eric Seidel all had side bets on it.

Some of the sickest prop bets go on during the WSOP and the WPT events, last year Eli Elezra made over $1,000,000 in prop bets alone.  These players just don’t bet $1000, im talking $50,000 props getting placed on a daily basis.�

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