Fantasy Football Team Names

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Everyone’s fantasy football team names are unique.  For the upcoming 2008 fantasy football season we have created a list of fantasy football team names that can be used in your league.




  • The Ballers
  • HHHHHHuuuuuunwaaaaatttttt
  • Don Carbs
  • U Got No Shot
  • Talk To Me Now
  • Itchy Nutz
  • The Cherry Poppers
  • The Flying Muslims
  • Little Pink Ladies
  • Off To A Corpse
  • Mexican Air Force
  • Carpet Munchers
  • Stool Peanuts
  • Burning Hobbits
  • Your Retarded
  • Amish Electricans
  • mighty tighty whitey
  • Brazilian Manflower’s
  • Ron Burgundy’s Channel 4 News Team
  • Romo’s Homos
  • The Turd Burglars
  • Meat Curtains

We would like to hear some other examples of team names you be using for your fantasy team.  But be sure to check out Total Pro Sports to host your Fantasy Pools and join our free pools.

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