Crazy Action online: Patrick Antonius wins a million!

Patrick Antonius Cash GameSome crazy action has been taking place online over at the high stakes tables on Full Tilt Poker.  It has been reported that Patrick “FinddaGrind” Antonius has won back to back days of over $500,000.  The sickest part of all this is that Antonius was stuck over $1,500,000 for the month of July.  That’s not bad only stuck $500,000 for the month, some people don’t even make that in a life time. 

The biggest looser in the Online game has been Gus Hansen shooting away just over $1,000,000 in US currency.  

In live games Tom “Durrr” Dwan has reported that he has lost $1,600,000 in live play, were guessing this has all taken place in Las Vegas, probably at the Bellagio in Bobbi’s Room. 

Here is the chat from Durrr while railing the online games at Full Tilt Poker:

durrrr: i lost 1.6m this week live
durrrr: =(
OnTheRize: i heard
OnTheRize: sick game
OnTheRize: too big for me
OnTheRize: srry man
durrrr: me2
durrrr: im hoping to run good online
durrrr: n get even by the end of july

Just writing this out gives me shivers, It’s just so sick how these poker players can shoot so much money away.  If they can afford to loose this much, how much have they won and how big is their bankroll?

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