Fantasy Football Leagues

Fantasy SportsToday there are many different types of fantasy football leagues. It is important to know about the major differences between these leagues in order to build an effective team. Here is a brief look at some of the most popular types of leagues.

PPR league (Points Per Reception)

This fantasy league awards added points to player who catch passes. Typically, 1 point or 0.5 of a point is added to players point total based on each reception they make. For example if your player has 10 catches for 100 yard their point total will be 20, as opposed to a standard scoring league where their total will be 10. In this league there is an emphasis on those players who catch a lot of passes, like WRs and dual threat RBs. Typically the same RBs will be taken in early rounds as in most drafts; some players like Reggie Bush will have increased value because of how many passes they catch. Also, look for WRs to be taken earlier in this type of league.

IDP leagues (Individual Defensive Player)

In this type of fantasy league teams consist of both offensive and defensive starters. The average team starts anywhere from 4-10 defensive players depending on the leagues settings. On the defensive side of the ball the players to pick early are the linebackers. In some IDP leagues linebackers such as San Francisco’s Patrick Willis will score more points on a week to week basis then many offensive players. Due to the size of the teams, the drafts for these leagues take a while but they can be a lot of fun if you are looking for a challenge.

Keeper League Fantasy Guide

These fantasy leagues are based around owners keeping some of their players after each season. The average amount of players kept each year typically ranges anywhere from 3-6 depending on league settings. After the season is over keepers are selected and all other players will become free agents eligible for the draft.

Dynasty Fantasy League Guide

These leagues are similar to keeper leagues with the only difference being that they tend to keep more players. The amount of players kept could range from anywhere from 10-30 depending on the size of the league. Most dynasty leagues have a rookie draft each year which is only a couple of rounds long. Dynasty leagues are good for people who don’t want to take part in a new draft every year.

Auction League Guide

This style of league is rather unique as players are bid on, with the highest bid taking the player. These auctions incorporate a salary cap which is usually falls in the range of 200-500 dollars depending on the size of the league. The cool thing about this type of league is that if you really want player you can have him, if you are willing to pay the price. Auction leagues have been known for long drafts because the bidding wars that occur for some players can take a while.

Salary Cap Fantasy League Guide

This type of league gives you salary cap in which you are allowed to purchase any player in NFL to have on your team. There is no draft in this type of league as you simply pick which player you want and buy them, provided you have enough cap room. The rule in this league is the better the player the higher the price, so it is important to pick the players that you think will be effective based on their market value. The other thing to remember is that in this league players are available to everyone, so it is possible that teams could have the exact same players. The real challenge is to find those bargain basement players or rookies who you think will have a breakout year and put them on your team so more of your money can be allocated for established fantasy stars.

If you are new to fantasy football and want to join many fantasy football leagues make sure you do your homework and find a league that works well for you. If you are planning on joining a money league it might be a good idea to spend some time and try a mock draft just to get a feel of what it is like, so you will be ready to draft a great team.

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