Top 5 Fantasy Linebackers

Patrick Willis

These are the Fantasy Linebackers you want on your IDP team this season.  Linebackers are the best option on defense to score you the most points and these guys will bring it every single week.

1.  Patrick Willis

Coming off a monster rookie year this guy will be the first LB taken in almost every league.  If you have shot at landing Willis in the early rounds of you draft, do it you won’t regret it.  The fact that the 49ers have a bad offense will help Willis because he will be spending a lot of time on the field.

2.  Brian Urlacher

Urlacher has long been considered as one of the best all around linebackers in the league, as he has the ability to stop the run, drop back into coverage and get after the quarterback.  All of this translates into huge numbers for you fantasy team.  He should find himself in the 100 tackle and multiple interception and sack range come seasons end.

3.  Kirk Morrison

Morrison has put together a great start to his career in Oakland.  He has consistently had over 100 tackles and continues to be force in the teams pass defense.  He should provide your team with a good amount of points for the up coming season as the Raiders offense will continue to go through significant growing pains.

4.  E.J. Henderson

One of the most underrated players on one of the leagues best defenses.  Henderson has a couple of monster D tackles playing in front of him who will keep would-be blockers away allowing him to keep making the kind of plays he has been know for.  Also the acquisition of Jared Allen to an already solid front four, which includes the Williams brothers, will help his production as well.

5.  London Fletcher

Although, he is getting older Fletcher is still a tackling machine.  He has the ability to put up some huge tackling numbers and should also be able to help out in the passing game.  One of the main reasons why he makes this list is due to the presence of Jason Taylor on Washington’s D.  The fact that Taylor is there means that offenses will be forced to double him and leave Fletcher unblocked making him a solid Fantasy Linebacker.

Honorable mention:  D.J. Williams, Derrick Johnson, Will Witherspoon.

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