Top 5 Hot Female Olympians

With the Olympics just around the corner it is important to start looking at the things that will make the Beijing 2008 games interesting to watch. Sure, there are the glamour events like Men’s basketball and the 100 meter dash, but I’m not concerned with that here. You see, I would like to take this opportunity to examine the really important things, like who is the hottest female Olympian?

There are many strong candidates in this year’s field, here is my list of top 5 female hot Olympians:

1. Jenny Finch, USA Softball, Everybody’s favorite pitcher and a reason to pretend you care about women’s softball or women’s sports in general.

2. Kerry Walsh, USA Beach Volleyball, The hotter half of the world’s best beach Volleyball tandem.

3. Misty May-Treanor, USA Beach Volleyball, The other not-as-but-still-sort of hot half of the U.S. team.

4. Dara Torres, USA Swimming, She gets props for at age 41 being the hottest grandmother at the Olympics.

5. Chen Xiaoli, China Basketball, Almost two meters of Chinese hotness.  I bet she has a pair of chicken balls under those shorts.

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