Top 5 Overrated Defensive Ends

Defensive end is an important position in fantasy football. They can get lots of points for your team through sacks and tackles. Here is a list of guys to avoid because they won’t give you anthing but headaches, these are some Overrated defensive ends.



1. Javon Kearse

The former defensive rookie of the year has failed to live up to his reputation as one of the top DEs in the league. He has been reunited with his old team and is hoping to regain his old form. The only problem is that he is a shell of his former self and seems to be done. Also, his recent off field troubles continue to make him a risky pick.

2. Trevor Price

Since moving from the Broncos to the Ravens price is yet to show why he was a coveted free agent pick up. The main reasons for his drop off in production are due to his age some lingering injuries. The emergence of Jarret Johnson and obviously Terrell Suggs means that Price won’t be putting up big numbers this season.

3. Marcus Spears

This former first round pick is yet to show the Cowboys that he deserved to be selected so high. I think the Cowboys are kicking themselves for not selecting Luis Castillo that year, even though he tested positive for steroids. Spears, needs to have a solid season to prove he deserves to be a legitimate starter in the NFL.

4. Leonard Little

Little, is yet another example of a former dominant DE who struggled to find his form last season. If there was ever a poster boy for off-field issues it is this guy. He has not had that many issues in the past, just one time he caused the death of woman while driving drunk. This year the Rams drafted Chris Long which should help Little, but to play it safe stay away from this guy in any draft.

5. Charles Grant

Grant is the guy who drove Darren Howard out of town and was supposed to be the cornerstone of the New Orleans defense. Well, that has not happened, but the Saints did reward him with a fat new contract. Since signing the big deal Grant was involved in a fight which resulted in the death of a pregnant woman, so much like Little, Grant is an overrated defensive end.

Honorable mention: Reggie Hayward, Kevin Carter, Kabeer Baja-Biamilia

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