Poker! A Man’s Game??

With the World Series of Poker complete and nothing much going on in the poker world, we direct our attention to the top 5 Hot Female Poker Players and women involved in the poker scene.

These females may distract you at the poker table with their good looks, but do not mistake their physical characteristics for weakness, these woman can play the game.  To find a beautiful woman who would consider going out and playing poker with their own money, makes them that much more desirable.  A dream for some and a turn off for others, This is our top 5 Hot Female Poker Players, well leave the rest to you to decide!

Shana Hiatt

1. Shana Hiatt, WPT/Poker After Dark Hostess.  No need to like poker here, all a reason more to watch the game.  Shanna first got her start in poker announcing on the World Poker Tour, and then signing on with Poker After Dark.

Shannon Elizabeth

2. Shannon Elizaeth, Actress/Poker Player. What would you do if Nadia from American Pie sat down next to you at the poker table, we know what Jim would do.  This actress turned semi pro poker player, has had some pretty decent results.  Cashing in 4 WSOP events and finishing 3rd in the NBC’S National Heads Up Poker Championship.

Erica Schoenberg

3. Erica Schoenberg, Poker Player.  Most famous for playing strip poker on TV and pro poker player David Benyamine’s girl friend.  I know I would include her in my strip poker game.

Vanessa Rousso

4.  Vanessa Rousso, Poker Player.  Sometimes I wonder why she always wears a hat and those over sized glasses?  I think it may be best if she always kept them on!

Jennifer Leigh

5. Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh, Playboy model/Poker Player.  How much better can you get in a girl being a poker player and a playboy model, only if more woman could be like Jennifer.

Honorable Mention: Clonie Gowan, Jennifer Tilly, Courtney Friel, Evelyn Ng, Isabelle Mercier

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