Fantasy Sports Software

Fantasy Sports Software

Total Pro Sports is in development stages of creating different Fantasy Sports Software for all the professional sports.

Some of the Fantasy Sports Software that we will offer are:

  • Survivor pools: Pick the best fit team to win that week, if you lose your eliminated, if you win you will move on to the next week.  Once the season has been completed or 1 survivor the pool is completed. We will have this available for the NFL, NBA, and the NHL
  • Pik’em pools:  Pick teams to win between the daily/weekly games.  Points will be associated to the number of correct games picked in that day/week.
  • Box pools: Where users can come and create individual boxes with up to 10 players per box and invite there friends to join and make selections on the net rather then done on paper.  We will have this available for the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA
  • Live Draft Inputs: When you have a live draft between your friends, Total Pro Sport will be able to host your fantasy league, and update all the stats. Rather then doing it manually. We will have this available for the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA
  • Bracket Pools:  Pick the best fit team to move on and eventually win the championship.  We will have this available for March Madness and also for the NHL and the NBA.

The Fantasy Sports Software that Total Pro Sports has will compete with the best of the best .  We are always developing new software on a daily basis to improve all your gaming needs.  Please feel free to email us with suggestions or ideas for new Fantasy leagues [email protected]

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