Arizona Diamondbacks Game At Chase Field

Chase FieldTotal Pro Sports ventured out to the Arizona Diamondbacks versus the Pittsburgh Pirates game this past Wednesday.  We watched Brandon Webb pitch a gem, and just roll through the Pirates lineup like he was throwing to a bunch of house leaguers. 

The game went a whole hour and 54 minutes, one of the fastest games I have ever been to.  The atmosphere was good, and there were 25,000 fans in attendance.  For a team fighting for 1st place, you would think they would have had more fans at the game.  “See Blue Jay fans, our team is in 4th place and we get the same attendance.” 

Chase Field, I have to say, is one of the best ball parks I have been to and in my top 10 of MLB best parks.  You feel like your at a baseball game when your at the stadium.  Even though they have a retractable roof because the Arizona heat is just to unbearable, you would never know that you were inside. Why is this not the case with the concrete dome in Toronto? I guess the architects thought the more conrete the better!  Evenmore, the hallways at Chase Field makes you feel like your at a ball park, you do not feel like your stuck in an underground subway station, lined with concrete walls. We all know it gets cold in Toronto, but lets be realistic.  With the structures they are building today in Dubai, your telling me architects couldn’t find a way to keep the ballpark feeling, in a colder climate? and we payed something in the range of $500,000,000 to build this hunk of concrete.

They have also just recently upgraded there scoreboard in center field, now having the largest in the Majors.  Sorry Toronto, the Jumbotron is no longer jumbo!

Tickets were reasonably priced for $44, we sat 11th row in between first base and the corner in the outfield.  If you ever are in the greater Phoenix area and a sports fan, I would suggest you try to catch a game.

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