Favre a Jet…still a jerk

Good job Brett, you managed to do enough crying that the Packers finally gave in and shipped you out of town. The bad news is that you are now a member of the New York Jets. I hope you enjoyed the playoffs last year, because the Jets are not making it this year or next year.

The main reason why the Jets won’t make the playoffs is quite simple, they play in the same division as the New England Patriots, the AFC East. Therefore, they have no shot at winning the division. What about the wildcard you ask? Well let’s see. The AFC South has three playoff caliber teams that are better than the Jets, namely the Colts, the Jags and possibly the Titans. The AFC North also has two maybe three better teams than the Jets, the Steelers, the Browns and possibly the Bengals or Ravens depending on who has a better season. In the AFC West the Chargers are still the team to beat, with the only team having a real shot at the wild card being Denver.

So Brett, as you can see you will be playing on a very mediocre team and hoping to make the playoffs. I never thought that you would be the type to go and tarnish your legacy by playing for another team this late in your career. You have now joined the likes of Joe Montana, Joe Namath, and Franco Harris, all of whom left the teams who brought them glory only to fade away with strange jerseys on. I guess the whole world knows what a jerk you are; at least you still have John Madden to snuggle with at night.

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